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Shipping in Greece


All orders sent within 24 hours or the next business day with our partner company (ACS) or the carier of your choice (Shipping within Greece), in case the product you ordered is in the store. If the product isnt available then shipping is gonna take about 3 to 10 business days.

In case the shipping needs to be more than 10 days we will contact you via phoe or email for more information.


The cost of shipping with courier (in Greece) is 3,30 euros+ taxes for package till 5 kilos ( weight or volumetric measurement whataver is bigger ) 

The volumetric measurement is calculated by the international regulation lengh*width*height/5000. For every extra kilo the charge is 1.00 euro+ taxes.

If you have selected a carier, the charge of sending the package from our store to the carier costs 4.40 euros+ taxes independently of weight or mass.


Note 1: Orders under 20 euros get an extra charge of 2 euros+ taxes as a small order

Note 2: In case you have not paid the order, within 2 days, with credit card or bank deposit it may be canceled.



                                                                                           Repayment fee for all shipments by ACS courier

When you choose ACS for your shipping, with cash on delivery, the extra fee is 1,20 euro (extra of your shipping charges) for delivery at your adress or from the store of ACS on your town.

(For a difficult to deliver area it may take extra 1 or 2 days)


The customer is under no obligation to receive a package that is corrupted or has been opened during transport. If the customer accepts the package, the company has no obligation to change any damaged item or replace any loss, since the products with any carrier always travel under the responsibility of the customer alone.



                                                                                                                    Return of products

A prerequisite for any return is that the product is in the condition you received it without having its packaging opened. Returns are also not accepted unless you first contact us by phone or email within 7 calendar days of receiving the product.

Our company is obliged to observe the guarantee given by the delegation to the branded items and to make a change of the Product (after inspection) where a manufacturing defect arises. In this case, the product is replaced without any charge on the part of the customer. A prerequisite is the presentation of the original purchase receipt.

In the event of a wrong order, where the customer is responsible, is not required to replace the product, however we advise you to contact us by phone or e-mail.

It goes without saying that in any mistaken missions where the company is responsible, the transports are all burdened by our company and not the customer.
Money is not refunded unless the company fails to cover any shortage of a product.